With the run of small or large business setup, there is need of proper tax calculation and its registration. We help to manage your taxes while you are busy in maintaining your business. We offer specialized services for fulfilling such kind of professional taxation needs.

If we talk about indirect tax reforms then introduction of GST in India is one of the significant steps. It works as a burden reducer in overall tax over goods. With the boosting impact on economical growth GST also helps in creating unified common national market. GST registration is compulsory if you have more than twenty lakhs turn over on the sale of goods which are under GST. It is imposed on both goods and services and that’s why it replaces all kind of indirect taxes. With the implementation of GST, everyone get a relaxing feel from cascading tax effects. Now the taxation burden is split equally into manufacturing and services.

Here, we provide such kind of comfortable platform to deal with related services. Don’t worry if you are a small or large entrepreneur our professional advisors happily maintain all your tax services within a timely manner with a great assistance in the mapping of all your transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

- Within 30 days when you applied.

- No. The user has to register separately for each of the states from where he/she has business connection.

- There is no need of new registration. One can follow the migration procedure with his exciting service tax/VAT/central excise. In case, if your registration is under old tax laws then there is need of proper GST migration to get GST.

- Yes, if you are wishing to claim input tax credit then registered voluntarily, even if not liable to be registered. After registration, voluntarily registered entities will also have to follow regulations as applicable to a general taxable person.

- Yes, PAN is mandatory for getting GST registration except foreigners and foreign companies. In case of non-resident taxable persons, GSTIN is valid with a fixed expiry date.

- No, GST registration is without any expiry date (except non-resident taxable persons). GST registration certificate will be valid until cancelled or suspended.

- No, an unregistered entity or business without GSTIN cannot collect GST from customers or claim an input tax credit for GST paid

- Within 7 working days after submission of GST application with all the required documents.

- It is the aggregate value of all taxable supplies (in export of goods and services also in inter-state supplies) excluding CGST, SGST, IGST and GST cess.

- After getting approval for GST registration, the applicant comfortably can download a copy from GST common portal.

- From every state where you are connected for goods or services supply.

- A person with whom all the taxpayer related information will be shared and who is majorly responsible for performing actions on GST System Portal.